Data Network

Harnessing big data in supply chain management involves collecting and analyzing vast amounts of information from various sources like sensors, transactions, and market trends. By employing advanced analytics and machine learning, organizations can uncover hidden patterns, optimize inventory levels, and predict demand fluctuations. This data-driven approach empowers supply chain professionals to make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and respond swiftly to changing market conditions.

The most valuable data is private data. But concerns over privacy and control make it hard to access. However, no one wants to share the their business data with others, this situation is creating a silo environment, disconnecting the supply chain.

Wagon data network are designed to be the hub of supply chain data while preserving the data privacy, anonymity and controllability. Data owners retain full control over their data accessibility.

Where does the data coming from?

In order to track the progress from projects that got financed from Wagon RWA DeFi, Wagon team will provide them with a mobile or web apps. Through this apps, operational data are collected, validated and saved on to the blockchain and Wagon data network.

How to get access?

users or enterprise can subscribe to the data network by using WAG token for the transactions. Data that are open to public can be access through Wagon platform.

How it works?

More about the cost of subscription and details how it works will be specified in the future.

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