What is Wagon Network?

Wagon Network is a project that connect supply chain through Decentralized Finance and Data Network. It aims to solve supply chain problems through data. Wagon choose Indonesia as the first country to be implemented at and will expand globally.

Wagon provide a features that facilitates the decentralized financing of supply chain real-world assets or businesses natively on-chain, creating a fully transparent market of borrowers and lenders.

Ultimately, the protocol aims to collect the supply chain operational data from the businesses that borrow from the protocol. Operational data will be captured, verified and stored on the blockchain. As more assets being financed, more data will be added to Wagon big data network.

Wagon data network will be the data source for solving supply chain problems and optimization, while preserving the data ownership, privacy and anonymity. Enterprises can subscribe to the protocol and access analytics and AI services.

The lack of data visibility in supply chains is a critical issue that hinders our ability to drive efficiency, responsiveness, and innovation. Solving this challenge unlocks untapped potential for industries to thrive in the digital age.

— Ginni Rometty, Former Chairman, President, and CEO of IBM

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