Claim rewards

How do i claim my staking rewards?

On the Stake page, you can regularly check your claimable rewards. Click on the "Claim" button and complete the transaction in your wallet to claim them.

Can I transfer StkWAG?

Yes, StkWAG can be transfer to other wallet addresses.

Transferring StkWAG will transfer the ownership of the staked WAG token and eligibility to generate rewards after the transfer finished.

Accruing StkWAG Rewards

Rewards for staking are linked to the wallet address. If a user has claimbale rewards and decides to transfer their StkWAG without claiming the rewards, they can always claim the rewards later. Rewards associated with staking are not transferred when StkWAG is transffered. The receiver of StkWAG will starts accruing rewards based on when they received the tokens.

StkWAG Delegation and Governance

Transferring StkWAG does change the voting power. More information will be provided in the future.

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