Real World Asset Decentralized Finance

Financing is the first step to bring supply chain from traditional to digitally on-chain. By nature, Supply chain as real world assets are often illiquid and can have maturities up to several years. This makes investing in individual assets extremely difficult. A way to solve this is by pooling multiple assets together and allowing investor to provide financing for this pool instead of each asset individually. This concept is well established in traditional financial markets.

Industries Pools

Wagon RWA DeFi consist of multiple pool stands for a specific industry (ex: FMCG, Construction, Agriculture, etc). Each industry have its own market size, forecast and condition. Lenders can choose the industry that is suitable for their risk appetite.

Why lend on Wagon?

Transactions on Wagon infrastructure are transparent and publicly auditable, enabling lenders to track every token lent and borrowed, as well as the status and structure of every loan.

Lending opportunities on Wagon span strategies across multiple sectors and various risk/return profiles.

Why borrow on Wagon?

Borrowers can find capital at competitive rates from a network of global liquidity on Wagon.

Using Wagon's infrastructure, borrowers can access capital markets 24/7 with faster settlement that traditional finance systems.

Borrowers on Wagon also have an opportunity to build their public "on-chain" financial reputation and position themselves to access more capital at better rates in the future.

Who can borrow on Wagon?

Any enterprises that have supply chain related projects could request to be a borrower. On the beginning, Wagon team start from logistic projects and gradually expands to others.

Borrowers can communicate with Wagon team or apply via the form. Complete KYB, credit analysis and negotiate loan terms. These docs and terms will be publish on the community to be vote for loan.

How it works?

More about the details how it works will be specified in the future.

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