WAG Token

Wagon (WAG) token are ERC-20 native token NextAllocations and Unlock scheduleof the Wagon Network protocol.

WAG Use cases:


WAG holders can stake $WAG, in return the user receives $StkWAG tokens. This StkWAG can be used to participate in governance and voting Load approval process for Wagon DeFi pools.

Staking $WAG will also give users rewards and profit shares from Wagon DeFi.

Real World Asset Decentralized Finance

WAG holders can lend their $WAG into selected pools and receive profit shares in $WAG when the protocol lend it to the real world assets or businesses.

Data Network

WAG holders can use their $WAG to subscribe and gain access to Wagon Supply Chain Big Data Network.

Users or Enterprises can use this to gain valuable data and improve their research and businesses.

Data Analytics and Services

WAG holders can use the $WAG to subscribe and access Wagon analytics tools and reports of Supply Chain.

Wagon analytics and report are processed by our data expert team and specialized trained AI.


By staking you $WAG and receiving $StkWAG token, users can participate in controling over the protocol, such as loan approval process, managing platform variables and more.

We want Wagon Network to be the hub for global supply chain that truly owned and operated by the community. This opens up limitless possibilities but must be approached carefully. Wagon platform features and WAG token usage will be analyze and develop gradually over time with Wagon community.

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