How to invest

To invest in Wagon lending pool, investor needs to have IDRT coin and Wagon token. When you invest in the lending pool, you need to put both IDRT and Wagon (a fraction of the IDRT that you invest in). While the IDRT will be disbursed to the borrowed, the wagon will be staked and returned to investor at the end of load period together with the invested amount.

Follow the following steps to invest in Wagon lending pool:

  1. Head to the Wagon Webapp to see an overview of all our available pools.

  1. Click on a pool to see more detail information

  2. Once lenders have selected a pool to lend into, click on the pool name to arrive at the term & condition, amount seeked by borrower, and repayment schedule

  1. Connect to your crypto wallet to lend funds. Please ensure that both IDRT and WAG token are available in your wallet to invest in Wagon

  1. Lenders will receive Non-Fungible Tokens in their wallet representing their contribution to the Lending Pool.

  1. The NFT will be burned once the lending period has ended.

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