How to unstake

How can I unstake or withdraw my stake?

Once WAG is staked on the protocol, it is locked into the protocol. You can click on "Unstake" anytime, input the amount of WAG you wish to unstake and complete the transaction on the connected wallet.

With the completed unstake transaction, you will trigger a cooldown period called the "UnstakePeriod". After the period is finish, you can click on "Withdraw" and get your unstaked WAG token to your wallet.

Once the process of unstaking WAG token has been started, you will not receive any staking rewards anymore. The unstaking of your tokens will take a full "UnstakePeriod" before they become available. You cannot do anything to your tokens during this time, so plan ahead.

What is the Unstake Period?

The unstake period has been added to prevent any kind of abuse which might be possible by staking for a very short period of time. For example, without a unstake period, Stakers could stake on the protocol to earn the protocol fee and the immediately unstake. This might result in some Stakers earning a return which is disproportionate to the amount of risk.

Can I unstake more WAG during the Unstake Period?

Yes, you can unstake more WAG during the unstake period. Unstaking more WAG, with the same wallet, during the period will increase the unstake period.

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